23 March 2010

In Training

summer sunrise rideI logged 60 miles yesterday. !!! Not a lot of climbing, but good distance. I must be able to pedal 90 miles in a day, twice, by June. With 70-milers scattered between. And tons of elevation gain. I'll spend the next month trying to increase my mileage, and then in May, we'll be working on elevation. When the snow finally begins to melt up high...Independence Pass in May


  1. 60 miles -- that is AWESOME!!! You can SO get to 90!!!

    And as always, I LOVE your pictures!!!

  2. This is so awesome! I love your photos too! But wow! What a goal! I have never tried, the most I've gone in a day is 40 miles. Maybe this summer I should shoot for more. :)

  3. Wow, wow and wow. I'm sure you'll hit 90 with no problem. This is amazing (as are your pictures)!

  4. Did you take that first photo? That's awe-inspiring, especially for a cycling and nature-lover like me!

  5. You.Can.Do.It!

    I am so happy for you- this is something you've worked toward for so long...

    Go, You! :)


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