26 March 2010

Eye Candy

unaltered photoIt's been way too long since I participated in NatureFootstep's photo challenge, and her meme this week was just too tempting to pass up, even when I'm running short on time.

The challenge is to use various filters to turn a photo into a piece of art. This week, Nature Footstep's challenge is flowers, one of the subjects I most enjoy shooting.

GraduationA couple of weeks ago I got this wild idea to shoot one of Lynette's roses against the vanilla sky. The plain, simple white made the photo perfect for adding abstract backgrounds and special effects.

After shooting the rose, I created a duplicate layer and then knocked out the white space in the top layer and used a graduated overlay on the bottom layer, which I then tinkered with using Harry's Filters and played with the hues until the background harmonized nicely with the rose.

I then flattened the layers and used Ulead's Fantasy Warp to create... well, I'm not sure what I would call the result. Sort of a floral kaleidoscope bouquet?Fantasy Warp


  1. Great Pictures :) look så fine :)

  2. I really like that! Awsome effect. Is that a filter in Photoshop?

  3. What a cool effect you got, and so colorful and nice. Nice job:)

  4. What a wonderful blog! I found your blog through NatureFootstep's photo challenge and I’m amazed. Such beautiful pictures (the birds in Wordless Wednesday, wow!) and fantastic snowflakes (what a treasure!).

    The challenge this week wasn’t really "flower"... but I’m glad you thought so :-) because what you have done with your flowers is Art. Did you really use Photoshop, or did you actually take the photo through a kaleidoscope ;-) (The challenge was Distort but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the filter Distort has to be used, kaleidoscope is just perfect I think! And, actually, everything we do in NatureFootstep is some kind of distorting, isn’t it?).

  5. Awsome! Great coulors. The original photo is beautiful too.

  6. the flower of prety as it is, in both versions. The final result is like a paper for wrapping gifts.


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