06 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The Lizard
Camp Robber
Mill Creek


  1. Beautiful snow pictures - I love the bird. Tulsa still has snow on the ground from our Christmas Eve blizzard which is very unusual for us. Happy New Year.

  2. I love the bird on the ski, too cool! happy WW!

  3. Oh wow, while I admit.... Im ready for spring already.... Great pics and love the last one because the lighting is spectacular :)

    Just beautiful! And love the birdie :)


  4. Wow, that last shot is beautiful :)

  5. Would you believe they have forecast snow flurries for us here in central florida on Thursday/Friday!! It got down to 27 degrees last night! Brrr... Looks like you had plenty to ski on!!


  6. I love love love the bird! How hilarious!

  7. What an adorable little bird:)
    The last picture with the light and shadows is really beautiful.


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