14 January 2010

Part Two

Christmas Day in Crested ButteThe second installment of my free weekly planner has been released!

This planner is chockfull of photos from all over Colorado. I hope you enjoy yet another little corner of my world.

For those who are taking advantage of this free offering on a monthly basis, that daily holiday feature is a bit more of a chore than I anticipated. I succeeded once again, but I'm finding my creative juices getting squeezed. Oh, well. When life hands you lemons, you make facial cleaner, right? (huge grin)

This calendar is being released in sections on a monthly basis (to spread out bandwidth usage throughout the year as opposed to one big server crunch).

The next installment will be available in February.

Of course, strings are attached... you know, all that legal mumbo jumbo. This calendar is copyrighted and provided by Snowcatcher Photos. You may print the calendar and share the calendar via link back to this site. You may not under any circumstances sell the calendar or any of the images therein. Modification or republication of the calendar or any of the images therein without prior written consent of Snowcatcher is strictly prohibited.

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