28 August 2009

Friday Funny

The summer Quilts at the Capitol exhibit ended last week. (Boohoo!) I volunteered to help take down the quilts. I had visions of having to climb a ladder while wearing white gloves, and trying to keep the gloves clean while I tried to figure out how to get down the ladder without dropping a quilt.

I’m SO afraid of ladders!

With our sue-happy society, powers-that-be weren't about to let any nimble-fingered quilters go up and down rickety metal ladders. They hired professionals with motorized cherry pickers to do the taking down. We quilters folded, bagged and ran the quilts.

You will not believe what they had me do! I did something no other quilter volunteered to do more than twice.

I took quilts to the basement, via the stairs, not the elevator, to be logged in. I descended and climbed four to six flights of stairs about 40 times. At least 200 flights of stairs in a day!

People who don't know me probably are wondering why the heck I would consider that funny.

I'd been feeling guilty all week because I hadn't had a chance to do the stairs at work. That's how I stay in shape to climb fourteeners. The building I work in has sixty flights of stairs, and I try to do them bottom to top at least once a week. Non-stop. Twice in a row if I have time. That's 120 flights.

So no feeling guilty for me! That was one devil of a workout. Some quilts are heavier than a backpack, too. But none I carried were heavier than my camera gear.

The funniest part of the entire experience happened when one of my dearest friends commented that she couldn't believe all 400 of us got our quilts back.

Well, of course we did. We had to show photo ID to prove we weren't stealing a quilt that didn't belong to us. What are you talking about?!?

"I'm surprised," she explained, "the governor didn't confiscate all the quilts for the homeless so all you quilters can buy more fabric and make new quilts."

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  1. heloo,
    great blog
    i am complete awe of that photograph at the beginning of the post, it's beautiful.
    120 flights of stairs are you mad?!! : )


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