21 August 2009

Friday Funny

One brush with the law wasn’t enough. I had to go and do it again.

College is back in session, so the park and ride is full, and the trains and buses are packed. Easy pickin’s for public transportation fare cops.

Aboard the train, I was crocheting away, as usual, when fare cops began making their way down the center aisle. Students receive free passes and rarely carry them. The fine jar runneth over.

Normally, my blood pressure doesn’t rise when I hear, “Fares, please,” and typically I don’t devise strategies to sneak off the train at the next stop without being caught. But today was different. I reached into my purse and found an empty pocket where my train pass should have been.

I commuted via bicycle yesterday. I’d called My Knight in Shining Armor (alias, The Lizard) to rescue me ten miles into my ride home after I was engulfed by a black thunderhead. I took refuge beneath a bridge and waited for Prince Charming, who I then treated to dinner at Qdoba to repay his kindness. Plus, everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

On the bright side, I DID have ID on the train because of that dinner. I still had my wallet in my hands when we arrived home, and like a good little girl and creature of habit, I did put it back in my purse where it belonged. I don’t know what the penalty is when you have no train fare and no ID. Thankfully, I might add, I STILL don’t know the penalty!

My pack needed to drip dry last night, so I hung it on the standard doorknob for the routine task, and there I left it. My public transportation pass, my office building key and my camera are still inside as I type. Yeah, can you believe I actually left my camera in a wet pack overnight?!? Must have been really tired!

So now my handy dandy crochet bag has a new occupant, and it’s not a cute little bear. I’ve joined the illustrious Warning Club. I have a yellow citation declaring I shall buy a single ride pass tonight or risk getting a real ticket. Three dollars, or the risk of a C-Note fine. The choice is mine. Easy choice, right?

Except I’ve been blessed with a friend who had already prearranged to pick me up tonight after work so we can attend her stake’s temple night. I don’t have to ride the train tonight! I don’t have to buy a one-way fare!

This wasn’t luck. This wasn’t coincidence. This is a pure and unabashed blessing at its best!

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