21 August 2009

Friday Funny Too

No, I did not shoot this, but I wish I did! Notice how well-framed the picture is throughout the entire video and how steady the photographer's camera is, even when the car is moving, and even when the humans can't stop laughing...



  1. That was a joy to watch! Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. What a hoot! A very determined frisky fellow!
    Glad you shared this. Enjoyed visiting your Etsy shop and LOVE the Quilted Sky cards!

  3. That's quite interesting! That ram was sure determined to show who was tougher!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I enjoyed reading about your hike up the mountain and was glad to hear you were there for that older man. I'd hate to think what would've happened if he hadn't stopped and rested. Congratulations on making it to the top!

  4. Hi thanks for your comment on my blog and the useful info about publishing. It will come in handy in the future when I make the same mistake again..which I probably will. Love the video - very amusing. Animals are so funny sometimes. Nice sunflower photos too.

  5. Very good video! I really enjoyed watching. It could be much more dangerous for travelers, for luck a mountain sheep was friednly this time. Thank you for comment.
    PS Generally I really like watching videos you post. Thank you for good taste.


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