12 October 2023

Good Golly, Gunny!

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Beginning of fourth quarter typically means the end of any sewing time for me. But I've been away from my domestic machine so long, I decided last weekend I have to see if I still know how to work it. Meanwhile, end of the month means monthly digital temperature quilt blocks are done once more!

My digital Gunnison (an "ice box" of Colorado) temperature quilt is going to be a knockout! I am SO printing this at Spoonflower!!!

I could not resist putting together the first nine blocks; the first six blocks have already been printed, but not yet quilted...

I'm confident this project is going to get me back to my sewing machine!!! It may still take a bit of time, but I cannot wait to quilt my Gunny babies!

I also finished my September digital snowflake temperature panel. I also got the chance (a sale...) to order my August digital snowflake panel. Instead of working on Gunny (or the shorts I cut out last year or a new dress for church), I pulled out the January and February segments, which I redid digitally after receiving this yardage. (I made the snowflakes whiter, and the revised Spoonflower prints are AWESOME.) I had planned all year long to work up a puff quilt from my dozen 2023 temperature panels in January after I finish the December segment.

Now that I'm stuffing the "not quite white" January and February snowflake panels, I've decided I don't really want or need a giant puff quilt. One small one will be enough. I'm very thankful I didn't get to this long-planned project until now. I would have hated to get two panels into a 12-panel quilt and decide it isn't something I enjoy or want to continue!!!

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  1. The Gunnison one looks totally amazing - what a great design.

    Interesting construction on the puff quilt top - I'd never seen one from the wrong side before. Glad you discovered your change of heart about the print before getting too deep into the project!


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