10 August 2023

Blue Two

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I hadn't finished my digital blue snowflake patchwork panel last week, so I shared a bunch of digital blue snowflake designs I've created over the years instead. But now it's done, and I'm thinking this might make an awesome dress, as well as a quilt!

Now that pink and blue are done, it's time to begin purple.

In the meantime, I've finished my next digital snowflake temperature quilt segment!!! I'll be ordering a yard of this, plus a yard each of my patchwork designs, next pay day...

My June and July digital temperature quilt segments have finally been printed by Spoonflower, and the new fabric arrived in the mail last weekend! It doesn't usually take this long for my Spoonflower fabric to arrive. It had been so long, I'd actually forgotten I'd ordered it.

I accidentally ordered a second fat quarter of my May digital snowflake temperature quilt panel, so now I have two. I think the extra might make a cute crochet bag, especially since I'm beginning to take the train to work again. I could have a fashionable new bag to haul my crochet projects! (I'm currently using a fancy reusable shopping bag...)

I'm tickled rainbow by the new fabric and can't wait to begin sewing and quilting. But it's been so long since I've touched my sewing machine and my longarm, both are actually dusty now. Yuck!

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