26 April 2022


Our three hoya plants, two of which Lizard inherited from his father, have done too well! The third hoya was purchased in 2012 as a very tiny plant. We were replacing a similar one Lizard had inherited from his father but which had succumbed to mealy bugs earlier that year. The hoya plants had never blossomed in Lizard's appartment before he met me, and they never bloomed in my apartment after we were married. The one we lost bloomed for the first time in our home, back in 2011, I think, and I was instantly addicted!!!

The year we lost the curly-leaf plant, one of the straight-leaf plants bloomed for the first time, almost as if to console us.

When we moved the two straight-leaf hoyas into the sun with the new curly-leaf plant, they began blooming! Within eighteen months, the new plant began blooming, too. Photographer's paradise!

Up until last weekend, those hoya rope plants were living up to their name. Some of the ropes had grown more than 20 feet! Blossoms explode every six or so months on all three plants. In the last couple of years, perhaps due in part to both of us being home almost all the time, the aroma of the gorgeous flowers has become more than we can tolerate. I had asked Lizard a few times if I could give the plants a haircut. He was agreeable. But I was chicken.

Last weekend, I researched propagation and worked up my courage. I pruned all three plants and set 14 trimmed stems up in vases. One of the branches was 35 feet long!!! If even a portion of the branches root, I will be happy. If they do begin forming roots, I will plant them in pots. If they survive, I plan to give them away to some wonderful friends who have commented how much they love our indoor jungle. If none of the branches survive, I did my best. I didn't just clip them and throw them out. Hopefully, the original plants will continue to flourish, just not quite as overwhelmingly fragrant!

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