13 January 2022

Too Hot to Knot

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I think this is one of my favorite quilts I've ever made, but I finished the binding at 10:42 last night, and I have to work Thursday morning, so I think the story behind the quilt and why I love it so much may have to wait until another day.

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  1. It's beautiful! I'm dying to know how big it is, see more pictures, and read the story behind it. What size are the snowflake blocks? Are they embroidered, appliqué, or fussy cut and EPP? I can see why this is your favorite!

  2. Wouah, what a gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to read about its story.

  3. Gorgeous quilt. I look forward to the next post with the story.

  4. YAY!!! That last stitch, that last moment before it is finished....
    \LOVE this one!!!


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