02 February 2021

Flower Power

I think I have learned the secret to snow accumulation. We've been in drought for what feels like forever, and I long for snowy days so I can photograph snowflakes. This winter, it seems the only time it snows is while I have the good camera set up for a time lapse, and the flower of my dreams is being stubborn, onery and obstinate!

I was trying to get a time lapse of my first amaryllis of the season back on December 18, when it snowed. I was trying to get a time lapse of a Christmas cactus blossom the other three times it has snowed so far this winter. Ultimately, I have sacrificed the time lapse sessions to shoot snowflakes!

My "2 of 3" (moniker borrowed from Star Trek) papillon amaryllis is the latest brat to keep me from spending hours in the cold, freezing my fingers while shooting tiny crystals. The flower had been under the grow lights for more than a week, and more than 400 photos later, it still had not opened. When big, fluffy flakes replaced the tiny graupel falling last week, I decided the time lapse could take a break. I gently removed the camera from the tripod and shot just over 100 snowflakes (including some flakes on my flamenco amaryllis) before returning the camera to the basement and the tripod. I didn't miss a thing on the time lapse. Four days later, the butterfly amaryllis STILL had not opened!!!

I put my already open flamenco amaryllis on the porch for a few minutes to try to capture some flakes on the petals. The flamenco amaryllis did not like that too much, but some of the photos turned out well.

Amaryllis on Ice

I'm crazy shooting more snowflakes; I still haven't finished retouching my December 14 snowflakes. But I cannot resist shooting more when the flakes are huge. I think there is no such thing as too many snowflake photos!

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  1. haha well now you know how to get snow. You can have all we got here. I think we got more in the span of a week and a half than we did all last year so far.


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