11 February 2020

Square Wheels

It is becoming more and more difficult every year to build Life Saver trains.

About three years ago, I couldn't find more than one flavor of Life Savers. Or, well, the multi-flavor rolls of candy with a hole in the middle. In 2018, I ordered cases of (fresh) individual flavors still available. (Yes, it seems you certainly can buy some of the old-fashioned flavors that have been kept in hiding for at least three or four decades, but oh, my goodness! I want the recipients to be able to eat the trains! Not be forced to use them as well-preserved paper weights!!!)

I still had plenty of the mail-order rolls when I started a new railway line last December. Yes, they could be borderline old. But I did check the expiration dates before I set to gluing.

Last year, I couldn't find round-wrapped mint patties or even round-wrapped peppermints to use as wheels. My trains last year rolled to their recipients with square wheels.

My smart phone stupidly died on Christmas Day, and I wasn't sure I'd downloaded the photos I'd taken of the most recent trains, which I'd built just the day before! Thank heavens, I did. So I have photos to illustrate today's post!

Bottom line is I'm going to have to discover different candy if I plan to continue building trains. Or find something different I can build with square wheels!


  1. haha round must be out of style in candy these days. But hey, your trains don't have to roll far down the tracks.

    1. That's so true, Pat. I don't think many of them last longer than about five minutes! Wheels probably are among the first treats removed!

  2. No matter what shape the wheels are, I'm sure the trains are delicious!

    1. You probably are right, Sue. Kids don't care what shape the wheels might be, as long as they get to remove them!


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