26 September 2019

My Dyeing Days

The kids' avocado pit-dyed T-shirts came out awesome, and the kids LOVE them and couldn't wait to try them on!

My avocado-dyed dress is a little lighter than I hoped, but I still like it, and I will get a lot of use out of it this winter.

I got it ready to wear Sunday... I was asked to speak at church. Yikes!!!

My dress was a hit. I was a little uncomfortable with the size of the neck opening, so I used my avocado-pit dyed crochet thread to extend coverage. Then I wore the dress to work on Wednesday. Once again, it was a hit. My co-workers thought I'd bought the collar! Lizard thinks it looks Egyptian!

I decided I need a scrunchie to match. So I made one with the avocado pit-dyed cotton yarn and a piece of elastic while I was on the train Wednesday.

Then I decided I need avocado pit-dyed socks to match. I can't wear heals anymore at all. So I try to dress up my dresses with cycling socks and supportive athletic shoes.

I checked out the dyeables at Dharma Trading and discovered they also have men's ties... I asked Lizard if he would like a tie to match my dress.

"Can you do that?" he asked.

So I ordered socks, a tie and a package of bandanas. And shoe laces. I could have ordered a bag, too, but I decided I'd rather make one!

Then I thought perhaps I need a floppy hat...

Is there any such thing as too much avocado pit-dye???

My current plan is to bring in the glass avocado pit dye jars prior to the first freeze (which is now forecast for next week) and leave them near my living room window through the winter. I'm hoping the dye will develop a nice, rich tone that I can use on another dress next summer, which I plan to let solar cook all summer long. I want that deep cinnamon color!

The onion skin-dyed T-shirt turned out much better than I anticipated. I sort of expected more rust- or orange-tone than I got. I am so pleased with the rose tone I got instead!

One more fat quarter turned out awesome, too. I couldn't resist sticking one more fat quarter in the dye. But now I'm officially ready to get some piecing done...

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  1. They sure look like happy campers indeed. Sure going to it as you dye away.

    1. Now I can't wait to do this with all my grands, Pat!

  2. Fantastic - the dress is great! Love the crochet collar. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Patty! I love the collar and hope the short-sleeve next year will need some crochet embellishment as well!

  3. Your crocheted collar is a perfect touch! I’ve not heard of avocado pit dyeing. Fascinating!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! Avocado pits probably are one of the best natural dyes!


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