24 September 2019


I always try to have my next year's calendar ready by August. I don't always meet that goal, but that's what I've always shot for, until this year.

Back in the days before personal computers, July or August were the do-or-die deadline for submissions to calendar publishers. The publishers wanted new calendars on bookstore and grocery shelves by September 1.

I've noticed 2020 calendars already on the shelves this year. But I'm taking it a little easier on myself this year.

For about 20 years, I've wanted to shoot the Raptor Education Foundation autumn raptor safari, but I was never able to sign up because the limited-space session was always sold out by the time I found out the date.

Until this year.

I was about the third photographer to secure a spot on the safari this year. The shoot is in late October. I am on pins and needles! I likely will be up all night the day of the shoot putting together my 2020 calendar, which will be available in my Zazzle shop as quickly as I can upload the photos.

Get ready to soar!!!


  1. You're sure going to get some great shots come the end of October there.

  2. Oh that is going to be an Amazing opportunity!!!

    1. Yes, Alycia! Gotta take all my extra batteries and memory cards and cameras to make absolutely sure I can keep shooting, no matter what!


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