30 August 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

Adventures await on this sunny day;
Must make plenty of time to play!
Enjoy the best tropical cuisine;
And don't forget to wear sunscreen!

Look what the garden brought today
To celebrate a special day!
May the skies be bluer than blue
And full of many fun things to do!

I won't say it 'cuz you've hidden the view,
But just know I'm thinking of you...

Pretty clouds in the sky tonight;
Lovely flowers in the garden bright!
Special wishes from my heart for you,
Hoping this day has been joyful, too!

Home for now, but back to work,
Responsibility I will not shirk;
But plenty of time to visit and renew
Friendship and fun things I love to do!

Snowbow’s met an awesome guy,
Growing faster than a twinkling eye!
Helping fight cancer instead of asking for toys...
This young man stands out among boys!

All I need is yarn and hook;
Then next time you look,
Smiles will abound all day
Because creating is the best way!

Nothing like a bed of roses to brighten your day,
Or a field of flowers to smell away!
Take time to enjoy the beauty around,
And you will be pleased by the joy you have found!

Summer coming through!
Snow will be here before long,
Enjoy the high temps with joyful song!

Animals here, animals there,
Loving animals everywhere!
If I could spend each and every day
Surrounded by animals I'd not delay!

Life could not be more complete,
Encircled by little bundles of sweet!
Blessings every day to count,
And joy continues to mount!

Rain or shine, I'll find a way
To enjoy every single day;
If dark the clouds do grow,
Just remember rain makes flowers glow!

Taking time to smell the flowers,
Wonderful way to pass the hours!
So much beauty to behold,
Never a minute can I withhold!

Moost the summer end so fast?
Camping has been such a blast!
Now autumn's on the way,
But I want more time to play!

Just when I thought summer was done,
More flowers bring tons of fun!
Don't take away my hug of blooms...
Nine more months before summer resumes!

1 comment :

  1. I think he shares the sentiments of many as summer winds on down. But I don't mind fall, just winter we don't like at all.


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