06 August 2019

Back in the Saddle

Cycling this year once again didn't roll the way I'd hoped and planned, but we do get a ride in once in a while.

We've had some marvelous, short rides up Waterton, and we're beginning to try to build up mileage again now.

We recently got to retrace one of our favorite loops, which we hadn't been able to do in about a year, due to construction. The Chatfield mountain bike (and horse) trail still is not finished, but we got to ride a bit of it, and oh, was it heavenly!

We didn't get to see the painted bunting that has been hanging out at Chatfield's Audubon Center, and we didn't see any bears in Waterton. But we had fun, we got to ride together, and the weather was a bit hot but otherwise perfect.


  1. They sure get in the weirdest spots. I hope you were rather far away with the hissing guy at the end. Getting bit wouldn't be grand for anyone.

  2. Beautifu. Happy rides! Regula


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