02 July 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

Exploring the world with someone you love
Is just as grand as heaven above!
Keep sharing the photos of all you see
And igniting smiles in people like me!

Mom wanted to crochet me a jet,
But she didn’t finish it yet.
Must find a different way to fly
And leave a greeting in the sky!

Hiding away
From all who say
Anything today;
‘Cuz phones aren’t fun places to play!

Blue, blue, my flower is blue,
Blue like the sky and even my eye...
Blue, blue, my jeans are blue,
Now with this hue, we are all through!

I see you!
You can’t hide long!
Soon you’ll be hearing my song!

So much to celebrate
Snowbow can hardly wait
Cut the cake and have some fun
Pass it around to everyone

Sunshine on this gorgeous day
Is bringing flowers out to play!
A sweet columbine marks the way
To fragrant adventures on display!

A blue cupcake
Is going to make
My tongue turn blue
As I think of you!

Snowbow has the perfect photo for you,
Along with the perfect friend, too!
We sure are missing you,
But hope you are enjoying your life anew!

Motorized wheels Snowbow does not own,
But life on two wheels has certainly shown
Tons of joy and adventure galore,
With wonderful challenges in store!

Working up an appetite
Before celebrating tonight!
Time to get on the road;
Time to move the next load!

A crocheting we will go
With hooks galore in tow
Fingers may a’blister...
Rock on, Creative Sister!

Time to party all day long,
Time to sing a special song,
Time to celebrate teenagedom,
Time to devour cake and not leave a crumb!

Being a mom is so much fun;
New adventures each day in the sun!
Enjoy every minute of every day;
Spoil that precious bundle in every way!

Superhero hats Mom wanted to make,
But Yoda was all that got made by that Flake.
Will need Jedi power for a better variety
Of hats so colorful for all to see!

Cake for one this summer day;
But maybe sharing will be okay...
Just save the best for a midnight snack,
Then enjoy a sneaky sweet attack!

Today some lace
Puts a smile on my face!
Flowers, too, popping out
Are sure to chase away any pout!

1 comment :

  1. haha nothing wrong with going Yoda. Here's to you getting that jet too.


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