04 October 2018

Quilt Commandments

I was going through computer bookmarks the other day, deleting the ones that are no longer valid. It's pretty shocking to me to see how many of my 2012 favorites no longer exist!

One of the very old but still valid links is equilters.com, not to be confused the Boulder fabric dreamhouse equilter.com. Ha ha!

Once home to Crystal Palace Yarn, equilters.com started in January of 2006, but some content was generated in the '90s. A real gem of a site to wander about. A genuine trip down memory lane for those who were quilting in the days before social media.

One of the treats is the list of 82 Quilt Commandments. A few really tickled me!

13. Thou shalt always have UFOs to brighten thy life.

16. Thou shalt always have at least three quilting projects going.

33. Thou shalt not deny a cat a nap on any quilt or pile of fabric.

46. Thou shalt not presew a seam without thread in the bobbin.

53. Thou shalt put down thy work and go to sleep shortly after thine eyes have crossed.

71. Thou shalt not use the selvages in any quilt.

76. Thou shalt always have at least four ideas on thy "my next quilt will be..." list.

77. Thou shalt build an ark, and thou shalt fill it with two bolts each of every colourway of every pattern of every fabric line of every manufacturer.

79. Thou shalt keep thy collection of quilting books smaller than that of the local library.

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  1. haha you'd be the one to fill the ark with ease. Cats shall do that, must just give in and nap with them.


    1. I love the quilt photos people post with their cats and dogs taking over, Pat! So precious!!!

  2. So many of these apply to yarn crafts too!

    Selvages - ha! Little did they know what a brave new quilting world was waiting just around the millennial corner....

    1. The selvedges one really cracked me up, too Sue. I hadn’t thought to translate any of these to yarn, but you are right!

  3. What a fun read. Thou shalt not deny a cat a nap on any quilt or pile of fabric - that's definitely true here.


    1. Thank you, Soma!!! What a treat to have a cat to approve of all your projects! One day I will be a cat owner again!

  4. Too late!! I already broke the 71st Quilt Commandment. Oops!! It's a THING now.

    1. Better than me, Joy!!! Do you have any idea how many times 46 has nailed me!?!? :)


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