12 October 2018

Cycling Tidbits

RBR Ezine: After a ride, don’t gorge. While you need both protein and carbs after a ride, kick off your chow-down with something labor-intensive to chew, such as an apple or pear, says Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN, co-author of Bike Your Butt Off. It'll curb hunger so you don't blow through an entire sleeve of Thin Mints.

ME: And what, exactly, is wrong with blowing through an entire sleeve of Thin Mints??? Or, for that matter, a whole row of Oreos???

Just teasing. But don't tell me I can't eat a whole tray of my chili-infused, agave-sweetened chocolate lava cookies after a big ride!

Coach Matheny rode off into the sunset last year. Coach Matheny was a rider and program presenter during my first Ride the Rockies, and I've adopted all the wonderful training techniques he taught me.

It's too dark for me to ride to or from work now, so I'm back to being a weekend warrior until spring. But man, what a ride it has been!


  1. haha good advice indeed. But then who wants to do all that work chewing after so much exercise all day? Makes you reach for the easy stuff easily.

  2. This so makes me want to ride with you again! Someday.... :)


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