16 August 2018

Garden Joy

Everything in my garden bloomed early this year. The heat caused August and September flowers to be done by the end of July. I planted more sunflowers this month, hoping there might still be enough season for them to grow and mature, and hoping those late-bloomers will add a little color to the yellowing landscape until true autumn gold arrives.

Thankfully, the marigolds are still going strong. They began blooming in July.

Only the cosmos are staying true to the calendar this year. It looks like I'm going to have a banner year... tons of plants, and the buds are just beginning to form.

The cosmos are coming up everywhere, even in places they shouldn't be and places you wouldn't think they could grow. I'm letting them keep going.

In early August, I noticed three new flower stalks I had not planted and did not recognize. I think a bird planted them for me. No complaints. But I'm curious as to their identification. All three stalks are together, and these particular blooms aren't anywhere else in my front or back yards. The stalks are about three inches tall, and the blooms are about an inch and a half long and look just a bit like honeysuckle.

My blue flowers this year were simply amazing. The chicory, cupid's darts and bachelor buttons still make an occasional appearance.

Cupid's Dart

bachelor button

A few years ago, I ordered three day lilies from a woman who specializes in cultivating blue. Most of the time, the day lilies are quite faded from the sun and ready to fold up by the time I get home from work.

Even though I get off work late a lot, I got to see the radiant color in a few of them this year.

My sweet husband, who bought me the most beautiful giant hibiscus plant last year, planted it in the backyard for me this year. For what felt like forever, the dried-up skeleton-like stalks were proof you can't plant a (non-nursery) potted flower in the garden and expect it to be as beautiful as it was in the pot. I was so discouraged. But I never gave up hope, and I kept watering it. One day, new stalks began appearing, and the first bloom has begun to form!!! I'm going to have at least one giant hibiscus this year!!!

The blue hydrangeas he bought me a few years ago are sporting such lovely leaves in the garden, but for five years now, not a single blossom.

in the beginning
before planting

after planting

I've planted red sunflowers, called Moulin Rouge, in the past, and I've allowed them to go to seed. Sometimes the birds get the best seeds, and that's okay, as long as I get good pictures of the birds eating the seeds. Ha ha!

I don't remember any red sunflowers last year, but I had two this year. They were stunning! Everyone is asking for seeds!!!


  1. Coming up everywhere isn't a bad thing, hopefully. The heat could go on until October or so, so could have another round easily.

  2. This post made me happy. :)

    Cosmos are so pretty. I always think of them as a classic garden flower. Your garden will look amazing when they bloom! And how exciting that the hibiscus bounced back for you. Maybe next year it will produce even more.

    That hydrangea foliage is pretty, even without any blossoms. Such a fresh cool green.

    No need to comment on the blue flowers - you already know I love them! :)


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