09 August 2018

Another Milestone

I hadn't planned to write about cycling again this week, but I'm too excited to let it go until next week. I rescheduled today's post so I could share the joy.

I've been doing half-commutes in the morning every day I can. That's anywhere from 15 to 17 miles, depending upon the route I take. I've been trying to work up to a halfway commute home in the evenings when I get off work in time to ride in daylight, when we don't have lightning (drought year so not much of an excuse), and when it's not 85 degrees or hotter.

The first time I tried riding all the way home from the park and ride this year, I had to call The Lizard to rescue me because I couldn't pedal another inch. My right hand was completely numb, and my elbow was too sore. It also was about 95 degrees that day. I made it exactly 27 miles for the day, combined morning and evening rides.

I've been stuck at 27 miles for a couple of months now. My numb fingers and my sore elbow prevent me from going any further. I've tried to work up slowly, but 27 miles seems like a barrier. I just couldn't get past it.

One day a couple of months ago, I forced myself to keep going because I was riding with Lizard, and I didn't want him to have to cut his training ride short for me. I did 34 miles. I thought that was the only time since March of 2017 I've been above 27 miles. Turns out I did the halfway commute all the way home four times last August. Why didn't I remember that?!? Good thing I keep track!!!

I had not been able to achieve the halfway commute home this year, though.

Until now.

I did 16 miles in the morning. Wonderful miles, except for one approximately five-pound close call. When you start riding before the sun comes up, you run the risk of encountering nocturnals. This particular one was the black-with-white-stripe variety. Fortunately, the critter was as scared of me as I was of it and scooted off into the woods without a trace.

Whew!!! Literally! I can still breathe! My co-workers didn't demand I get sent home for as long as it takes to remove the scent!!! No, I did not get a picture. This time. I had nowhere near the guts to do anything that might frighten the little guy. Sometimes I think I'm more afraid of skunks than bears! Nevertheless, I have taken pictures of skunks twice in the past because I was far away enough to feel fairly save.

My friend Ann, the one whose husband died while they were riding together in 2015, offered to ride home from the park and ride in the evening with me for moral support. I, of course, would be moral support for her, too. Neither of us was sure we could ride that far.

But we did it!

And check out those hills!!!


  1. Congrats indeed at your feed. haha yeah, I think I'll still take a skunk over a bear. Smell beats becoming lunch. Not that I'd pester a skunk at all.

    1. Both are bad, Pat. But if I'm lunch, at least I don't have to go to work smelling like a skunk... Ha ha!

  2. That is so awesome!!! congrats- and glad you didn't end up smelling like skunk

    1. Thanks, Alycia! It's so good to be able to ride again! It's taken far too long this time around! I guess it takes longer each time, as age interferes...

  3. Woo hoo! Keep up the good work. Eventually that hand and arm will start to behave themselves, I hope. (Have to admit I still get hand pain from my 2014 accident.)

    My mileage has been pretty low this year - mostly in the 9 to 18 mile range. I took one 32 mile ride this year, but that's the longest. Just don't have enough time to do the riding I'd like, but am enjoying what I can!


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