17 April 2018


I've made sugarless and even flourless cakes for my bosses and co-workers over the years. I've bought grocery store cakes. I've bought bakery cupcakes.

Some of the celebrations have been delicious; some have left us wishing I'd done something differently.

The daughter of one of my friends, Janiel, recently started her own commercial bakery, and I asked if she could make a low-sugar cake with lots of fresh fruit for my boss' birthday. This is what I got!!!

I'm utterly amazed the cake made it to the office the next day without being devoured! I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this, and train passengers were equally as willing to perform taste tests!

The genuine taste test... My boss and co-workers LOVED it! I think I'm going to ask her to make my husband's birthday cake next month, too. I'll need to come up for an excuse to order a cake every month! And oooh, she delivers...

Thank you, Janerek Bakery (Janiel's husband name is Erek, and together they are anything but generic!), for the best cake I've ever taken to work and the best cake I've tasted in ages!


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