12 April 2018


Oh, my. This news story raised a Vulcan eyebrow on my space ship, but the comments... oh, the comments!!! For those who didn't follow the story, Canadian Manitoba Public Insurance revoked a custom ASIMIL8 license plate because two people were offended. The plate was framed with other Star Trek phrases and had been on the automobile for two years. In this reference, the word "assimilate" references the Borg, the meanest, baddest enemy introduced in the "Next Generation" television series. (Yes, worse enemies have been unleashed in the Star Trek movies, in my opinion.)

May the comments ever be in your favor...

"Lock on to complaining party and fire photon torpedoes." - TonyD

"The plate's owner should've stuck with, 'Live Long And Prosper,' or 'Final Frontier.'" - Juan

"The needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the Few, or the One." - Ron

"It's official. We've Collectively Lost our Minds. (Get it? Collective???)" - Justin

"Must have been Star Wars fans who complained." -DW10

"Star Wars fans will never be pleased until all Trekkies are exterminated... " - BrutalTruth

"A license plate ruined your day... Really?" - Mike

"Yet people can wear T-shirts that say offensive things?" - Troy

"About half the human race today needs to be retrofitted with a new brain." - Ronald

"Seems like the book '1984' is becoming a reality." - JosephC

"How does it feel to be so weak that mere words hurt?" - Michael

"Just wait until you can't say the word without being sent to jail. That's when the REAL fun begins." - FP

"When we ditched the 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,' we weaponized feelings. Now any word can 'hurt.' It's a way to silence critics. Notice how easily offended some people get over everything, but then call everyone else names?" - Emerric

"You will follow the government's orders, you will be politically correct, you will be forced to relinquish your property. Who's assimilating who here?" - Dave

"Sounds like it's time to paint the car with that phrase, in big enough letters so they do not have to strain themselves to get even more offended. Better yet, make it into an auto wrap, so as to assimilate more into the collective." - Andrew

"Just get a huge bumper sticker with the same thing on it." - DallasAmerica'sTeamCowboys

"I didn't know the Borg had reached Canada...who knew, right?" - Akagi

"Hell's Bells! The premise isn't even in this galaxy." - SomeoneWhoKnows

"It's easy to get offended at someone else being offended, but far too many people have completely lost track of what a License Plate is in the first place: it's property of the Government purely for the purposes of identifying a vehicle. The guy can simply put a bumper sticker on his car with that same phrase, and if someone is offended, they can take a short jump off a long pier. This isn't an issue about whether the person is allowed to express themselves; it's an issue about whether the guy is allowed to make the government express itself in certain ways." - JoshH

"The whole idea a couple malcontents can force another person to 'toe the line' because they read something sinister in his creative expression is the real problem here, not the plate." - Douglas

"What? Canada never broadcasted Star Trek? Everyone knows Star Trek is about inclusiveness and anti-discrimination." - BirthdateJune21

"It is ironic that, in the end, resistance is futile." - Richard1138

"I'm starting to think resistance to the snowflake culture is futile." - WN

"OK, I volunteer to be the person who is offended by the use of the term snowflakes. I hear actual snowflakes are offended and will initiate a class action suit." - Glenn


  1. haha some great responses indeed. Sadly people are waaaay too whiny. One guy here is fighting in court after losing his because one person was offended. 1 in 25 years. Grabher is the license plate and it's his last name. People need to get a life.

  2. Gosh, hope there aren't any Dr. Who/Dalek fans out there with XTRMIN8 on their plate! If so they'd better duck and run.

    I honestly don't get this. What is wrong with the word "assimilate"?


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