22 February 2018

Winter Wonderland

Winter finally arrived in Colorado!!!

That means... snowflakes!!!

With the iPhone and the new Micro Phone lenses...

I'm probably not going to use the iPhone for snowflakes again. I couldn't keep my fingers warm enough to operate the shutter and hold the camera steady, and I can't shoot while wearing gloves. I'm not one of those fingerless glove lovers. My fingers need the warmth the most! But it was a fun experiment. Just a cold one.

I went back to experimenting with different lenses on the Big Gun, the Nikon D300, because my macro lens is no more. This time, I used a 24-120 zoom lens I don't often pull out because I don't really like zoom lenses. But it was worth a try, coupled with all three extension tubes. The luscious blue background for the shots with both the iPhone and the Nikon is a lovely Malabrigo scarf, lovingly crafted by Jo. This is my first Malabrigo. Now I know why yarnies go nuts over Malabrigo! The color is as amazing as the softness!

Once again, I'm left longing for the next snowstorm so I can try again.

In the meantime, a greenway walk before work after six inches of white stuff provided just the right lift my soul needed! I wished I'd taken the real camera instead of the point and shoot because the little Nikon doesn't always know where to focus. But when I can walk away with shots like this, I'm in heaven!

During this particular jaunt, my camera battery kept "dying." I'd charged all three batteries the night before in anticipation of the overnight fog crystalizing. I couldn't get more than three shots off each battery before the camera would power down. The batteries were too cold! As were my fingers from all the battery changes... I would stick the cold battery in my pocket and take one of the slightly warmed batteries from the pocket to use until it "died."

Finally, I realized I could still operate the camera if I warmed the batteries inside my gloves, which might render them useful a little faster than my pocket was doing. Sure enough, I could get five or six shots off of the warmth from my hands! This old dog learned a new trick!

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  1. that is a neat trick to warm the batteries. Yeah, fingerless gloves suck. Rather stay warm too. Sure captured the snow indeed at your feed. All the critters look rather cold, or miffed, or both.


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