20 February 2018

Christmas Late

Work was so busy fourth quarter of 2017, I missed the blooming of most of my Christmas cacti. A few of them felt pity on me and have begun sending forth new blossoms.

Periscope up!


  1. Nice of them to peek out for you as a late christmas gift, or would that be early one? Only close to 10 months left!

    1. Ha ha ha! Yup, beating the Black Friday specials by a mile, Pat!

  2. Are you sure they are not Easter Cactus, blooming early? =>/<=

  3. Perhaps you should acquire some Easter Cactus - just to learn the difference.... =>/<=

  4. Actually, there are Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Cacti. Each of their foliages/leaf markings are different.

    1. I have one Thanksgiving cactus and all the rest are Christmas cacti, one for each year we’ve been married, Susan. I’ve never bought an Easter cactus because I didn’t think the blooms are as pretty. Plus, I’m sort of running out of space... :)


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