21 September 2017

Black in Scraps

I don't know why I kept thinking of this song while I was assembling leftovers into a teenage boy quilt for Christmas, but I did. So I played with the song title to create a quilt name.

This top has so many different leftovers. It started with a handful of Artisan Spirit layer cake squares formed into disappearing four-patch blocks in which I intentionally did different cuts. I separated the blocks with leftover gradient batik jelly roll strips that didn't go with the rainbow project I'd made with the rest of the strips. I bordered the blocks from leftover gray speckle I've had so long, I don't remember the project I initially made with it.

The resulting top wasn't quite big enough, so I added corners, a new method of enlarging a top for me. Fun and an extremely good way to use up lots more leftovers!

The gray camo corner is leftover from a pair of elephant ear pants I helped my adopted daughter make when she was 13 or 14. She's more than double that age now. Many moons ago!

The snake skin corner is leftover from a blouse I made when I was much younger. In my 20s, I think. Many, many moons ago.

So perhaps I should have been singing some Pink Floyd...

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  1. I prefer back in black, but both tunes are good. Wow, you've had that scrap for a while too. Sure you got all the dust off? lol

    1. Oh, you are so funny, Pat! I don't let any of my fabric get dusty or cobwebby! :)


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