12 June 2017

Snowflake Monday

I had so much fun playing with my collection of lids after finishing last week's lid snowflake. I thought perhaps the rest of my lids could be converted into a child's game.

I spent nearly an hour on my porch on a beautiful sunny morning making several different snowflakes. Then an idea hit me.

Why not share all the fun possibilities here and open this up to suggestions and inspiration? I could even do a contest...

So what do you think? Could you come up with a snowflake design made of lids or other recycled/repurposed items? Are you up to a photography challenge?

Let's post our recycled/repurposed snowflake photos to Instagram using the hashtag #reflake2017june by midnight, Mountain Time, Saturday, June 24, and I'll feature some of the best creations here on Snowcatcher on Monday, June 26. (Yes, that's two weeks from today; Snowflake Monday takes a well-deserved break after eight years next week.) And if you are a crocheter, I might even have a prize or two!

Entries must be new as of today, June 12, and your own creation. Recycled/repurposed snowflakes are not required to glued in permanent fashion, but they do need to be in good taste. Snowcatcher is a family-friendly blog, and we strive to feature posts that would be appropriate for any member of the family.

Can't wait to see your ideas!


  1. Family friendly? My gutter mind just turned off lol after 8 years taking a break? The streak is ruined, ahhh, my ocd doesn't like that haha. But then all good things come to an end.

    1. You make me laugh, Pat! The streak broke about 7 years ago when my brother-in-law died. I just couldn't do a snowflake that week. Didn't have it in me. At least this time it's not a tragedy, just Ride the Rockies.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the entries! :)


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