01 June 2017

More Fun Search Terms

Always giggling at some of the unusual ways people find my blog...

A jar of weed

baby guitar quilt

bicycle under moon

bicyclist crochet pattern

crochet pattern for snowflake lizard

dream of standing at the end of a rainbow

how to make snowflakes out of crochet

if I was a snowflake

lizard reaching off rock

lizard quilting

lizard toes (For real?!?


noteflake (hmmm, now there's an inspiration...)

old storage snowflake (I'm sure they meant cold storage)

older dad


snowcatcher paralympic (banned; Ravelry got a cease and desist from the big OC for all terms lympic)

snowcatcher true love (awwwww!) (but they probably were looking for the snowflake, not my Love at First Bike)

snowflake island

snowflake shower curtain (got one!)

snowflaken spanking

strange energy readings

Was Grand Mesa 38,000 feet?

Wednesday Windshield (Well, yeah, sort of...)

what makes a snowflake white

what kind of floor wax to stiffen snowflakes (NO!!! DON'T DO IT!!!)

Where can I see harper seals?

white snowflake looking bugs

wolfgang and dieter (WOW!!!)



  1. Maybe those strange energy readings caused snowcatcher true love, or it could have been the jar of weed lol either way, better watch out for the one who likes snowflaken spanking. kinky stuff.

  2. Thats hilarous! LOVE the Big ol Elk!!!

  3. W & D are famous!!!

    Someone once told me they stumbled on my blog after googling "do bees have dreams". !


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