01 December 2016

Quilts for Haeley and Lexi

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There was a touch of disappointment prior to Thanksgiving because we wouldn't be able to make a somewhat traditional trip to Moab, with the little side trip to deliver Christmas quilts to cousins in Salt Lake, because my husband had to work, but there is much to be thankful for this holiday season! I used my four days off to finish all four of the girls' quilts!

Here are the first two!

I started Haeley's quilt top by bordering my Hearts of Gold II panel from Spoonflower with a border of red in September the night before we left for Washington to participate in this year's Deception Pass Classic to benefit the fight against multiple sclerosis. We were gone for ten days. When we returned, I couldn't remember what I'd planned for this quilt, other than appliqueing some hearts I'd planned to cut from the remainder of the sparkly gold fabric from the Hearts of Gold quilt top I'd finished in June.

Before I realized I wouldn't be able to deliver the quilts in person, I knew if I could finish up seven quilt tops, I might be able to quilt one every night or two as Thanksgiving grew closer. So I decided to do rainbow borders around Hearts of Gold II, which worked up in a single night!

I backed it with pink Kona because I thought pink would make a great color for the binding. Actual quilting was finished Thanksgiving Day before we traveled to enjoy turkey with my in-laws.

Hearts of Gold II

Lexi's quilt was finished on Black Friday, the only truly Black Friday activity I participated in on a day when I stay as far away from stores as possible. I backed it and bound it with the leftovers of a black sheet I'd also used to back Noah's quilt. I'd been calling the quilts by number... One of Seven, Two of Seven, Three of Seven... in reference to a Star Trek spin-off I never got to watch because it came out after I went TV-less (by choice). The cousins' mamas would have figured out who was getting which quilt had I displayed the finished tops on Instagram with recipients' names (They don't read my blog, thank heavens!), and I wanted the quilts to be a surprise. When I finished Five of Seven, or Lexi's Quilt, someone finally picked up on the Star Trek reference. I was tickled it took five quilts before anyone connected Seven of Nine!

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  1. Being finished sure is a nice feeling indeed. I never would have got the Star Trek reference as all I've watched of that is the new movies.

    1. Definitely feels good to be finished with Christmas presents so I can spend December doing things that need to be done... things I've been avoiding and/or neglecting for the last month while I finished these!

  2. Wow that is a phenomenal output. I am impressed with what you get done in four days. visiting from crazy mum quilts

    1. Thank you, Schulz Family! I had the tops done and sandwiched, so quilting and binding wasn't as much of a time hog, to me. Thank you very much for visiting! I love Amanda's blog!

  3. They're all so pretty. Very nice! Thanks for linking up to Finished or Not Friday.

    1. Thank you, Myra! It was fun peeking at the other links on your link-up! Thanks for doing that!


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