09 December 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Dewey Bridge








no longer safe crossing


looking up

looking down

end of the line


  1. It's sad when historical places get neglected so much and end up so broken. It sure would be nice if some people would join forces and work together to fix this bridge, preferably without billing the taxpayers millions of dollars to do so.

  2. Sounds like it was a stellar bridge in its prime. Now it looks like some end of the world thing haha

  3. You keep teasing me with my favorite area. Maybe we should just move there. Up until several years ago the bridge was maintained and you could walk across it. It was painted white. Then, along came a six-year old kid who liked to play with matches, and the whole thing was lost.

  4. Oh my goodness - if you'd driven about 5 miles up the road from Dewey Bridge and then turned onto a "secret" little road, you would've found us!!!! We will meet in that area someday. I'm sure of it! Perhaps we should actually arrange it for some Thanksgiving!

    I remember what Lee Zard is talking about. We've been going to that area for a long time, and the bridge was walkable!!!! But I didn't know about the 6 year old with matches... I'd like to hear that story!

    Wonderful photos and memories. Thank you. Like Lee Zard, we keep talking about moving closer to that area. Even living in the Durango area would make the red rock world just a short trip away!

  5. I loved the bit about "6 horses, 3 wagons" etc.

    What a great piece of history.


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