09 December 2014

Doin' Denim

denim heaven

Anyone who follows my blog regularly knows what a blast I've had with my very first indigo last year. My love of indigo extends to jeans, leftovers, projects with leftovers, recycling denim, everything you can think of made of denim, and even denim photography.

Want a dash of inspiration? Check out any one of these fabulous craft collections!

Reuse Jeans (denim is one of my favorite craft fabrics)

More Recycled Denim


not so scrappy

Awesome Denim Quilt

What to do with jeans hems.

I'd LOVE this in my living room.

Or this.

I wonder if my dad would love this?

Not just for denim.


Denim Drool

absolutely adorable


AWESOME quilt!

The Pattern

Yes, yarn!

So many ideas; so few jeans!

simply amazing

I wish people wouldn't pin on Pinterest without linking to the source.
Nevertheless, this is just too cool not to share.


  1. Wow! Who knew? I love the quilts!

  2. Denim rules! I don't have any corduroy, so I assume I'm not a 70s throwback?

  3. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin reader groans, "Dang it, I love reusing denim. She WOULD have to have a post with a gazillion great links, just when I'm trying to catch up on my blogreading."

    Thanks, Deb.

    No, really. :D

  4. Okay, one more comment ... that piece by the Korean artist ... WOW.


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