26 September 2014

Friday Funny

Yuppers, that's how it happened.

I can't stop laughing.

bottle robots



The comments on this scarf are hilarious!

Maybe I should do this with golden aspen leaves...

This girl crocheted her wedding dress during her morning commute. Five months!


Oh, dear

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Really cool paper folding.

30 years ago...

Something to do during breakfast.

Tee hee hee!

Spirograph embroidery

My dad actually had the *reel* thing when I was growing up.

Very cool recycling!

Mice in the house?

You think my HOA would mind if I did this???

This would be prettier than a trash can.

I like Star Wars, but I'm not sure I'd wear these.
Except maybe on Halloween...

Someone bought this domain to make people laugh.


  1. haha that's normal? Yeah sure. lol at the cat one too.

  2. (Distant groans, then laughter....)

    Oh Deb, another list of irresistible links, and just when I'm trying to manage my time online.

    Love the yarn shaming. :)


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