08 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday

7.5 inches and still falling

my solar snowflake light

my daffodils

this year's blue poppies

spring wonderland


deep stuff




Poor Little Daffodil

Stand Tall


  1. Yuck is the only word to describe all of that. It is spring, no room for snow, it's gotta go

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Is that currently there?!

  3. Is that from just last week? We got more than a foot but it's disappearing fast. I love the daffodil under the snow. I hope it bounces back!

  4. I'm sorry ... it will eventually go away, you know. Has to.

    Every day I am more and more convinced that the 8-week century training course is exactly what we'll find ourselves doing this year. No riding for me this weekend - we had torrential rainstorms. And honestly I was so tired I didn't mind! I keep telling myself the 8 weeks doesn't start until the end of April.... :)


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