22 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Peekaboo Daffodils

first of the season

My First Hyacinth of 2014!!!  On Valentine's Day!

first indoor peppers of the season

first hydrangea of the season, indoors

indoor larkspur (I think)

I don't know what these are, other than gorgeous.

stunning unnamed beauties

firecracker flair

open wide and say ahhh

Open, Open, Open!


Check out those leg warmers!!!


hyacinth rainbow


The deer didn't kill them all after all!


tulips on the rise

lilacs in the making

the storm approaches

Here we go again...


daffodil ice

Snuggle up!


  1. Start with snow and end with snow, geez time to move far away from that lol at least it was clear for a while

    1. Yes, Pat, our spring has been very, very fickle. We just hope for no more hard freezes for six or eight months!!!

  2. You take vibrant and colourful photos! Beautiful! I think you are a wonderful photographer. My partner, Lea has bought herself a new camera and I can see some of the techniques in your photos that she has been working on.

    1. You should have some wonderful photos coming up soon on your blog, then, Paul! Can't wait to see how Lea's doing!

  3. so nice looking at your flowers until.....SNOW! No, I hope it melted quickly.

    1. Yes, these days, the snow does melt quicker, Monica. However, the garden was frozen solid again this morning!!!

  4. It's the annual dance between winter and spring and you depicted it wonderfully! It looks like lots of stuff is growing and blooming down there. It's inspiring to see how you use the very shallow DOF of a macro lens to make your photos even more compelling. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks, KB! I knew of all people, you would relate to these better than just about anyone, being as you are higher in elevation than me!

  5. Okay, maybe it's just me, but I think grape hyacinth are even prettier than bluebonnets. And they smell amazing too!

    That bee looks pretty happy.... :)

    Do you think your mystery flower could be New York Ironweed?

    1. I have never been able to smell my grape hyacinths, Sue. Now I want to go home and stuff a few up my nose to see if they do have fragrance! They certainly are gorgeous, and this year, they are my lucky flowers because I honestly thought the deer had mowed them too often. I wasn't expecting such a good crop!

    2. Oh, PS, Sue, I forgot to mention the mystery flower turns out to be flossflower! Pretty cool name, eh?

    3. Or Blue Ageratum. The flower looks similar to the New York Ironweed, but the leaves are very different.


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