04 January 2011

Mount Sniffles

Runway Model
We'd planned to go cross-country skiing and winter picture-taking during the three-day break, but plentiful germs amongst neighboring working stiffs found safe harbor within my nostrils, and I spent most of the new year's holiday nursing a cold. No fireworks. No botanical garden lights in the snow. No ringing in the new year. Just non-stop ringing in my ears!

I think my body has been trying to tell me something for a while now. I was pretty run down after the last three months. I think I needed three days' rest!

Slowing down to a snail's pace did, however, allow me quiet time to finish the baby blanket for Shonna's cousin. I couldn't take it to Shonna, though, because chemo has destroyed her immune system, and I was contagious.

I also designed three snowflakes, so once I get photos of the flakes with their respective mountains, I'm actually three weeks ahead! Plus, once my head finally cleared, I was able to get in my first 13 cycling miles of the year. Not a huge mileage day, but I'm in double digits already! And 13 has always been my lucky number. So not all is lost.

Besides, The Lizard took very good care of me. It's almost worth faking a cold to get another backrub like the one he skillfully applied when I was at my worst!

Now I'm healthy and back to the grind. I dare any germs to try to take me down again!
Baby Blue


  1. Ohm I´m glad you are better now. I think Lizard is an amazing nurse :)

  2. Glad you had a few days to take it easy and are feeling better now. I have been keeping up with you, even if I have been quiet. Congrats on achieving your miles! (I am in awe.)

  3. Sorry you had the punys and hope you are feeling better. I am curious about today's picture. Tell me about the animal wearing the blue scarf. Is that a cat? It looks like a Siberian tiger cub.

  4. Having a cold, especially when you get a few blessed days off, is just wrong, wrong, wrong! Glad you are feeling better and that baby blanket is beautiful! Hey, I had a cold in December and did not get a back rub out of it. I'm filing a complaint with the Board of Husbands! =D

  5. Oh! So special days wasted because these ugly small things... but the tiger is very elegant in the blanket. Keep well. Kisses.

  6. I'm sorry you had the crud! Sounds like you were well taken care of! The blanket is beautiful and it was so kind of you to do that for your friend. I'll keep her in my prayers too.

  7. I'm glad you feel better. At least you don't get sick very often, right? And you got some quiet time. Glad you were able to look on the bright side of things.


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