07 January 2011

Friday Funny


  1. Wow! Supermarket is much much easier. Kisses.

  2. That's pretty amazing. Think how safe that mouse thought it was. Yikes!

  3. Very cool video - I did not know they could do that!

  4. Wow! That's SO cool! He caught it too! yay Foxy! LOVE his bushy bushy tail!

  5. Survival for one critter and death for the other. Such is life. The fox is very beautiful.

  6. I showed this to my students last year. We loved it!

  7. You find the greatest videos. Such fun!!!

  8. Wow, that was intense. Truly amazing!

  9. I watched it three times before posting my comment. That was so cool!
    The jump was amazingly high!
    The dive was a 10! and so deep! Loved the kick.
    The mouse didn't know what happened.
    I was also amazed at how far away the mouse was from the fox.


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