10 July 2009

The Plunge

I've been wanting to start a blog for about two years now. I miss writing on demand. I don't miss deadlines too much. My schedule inspires terror when I contemplate adding one more obligation that needs to be attended to on at least a somewhat regular basis.

I used to write for newspapers. Daily. So why am I so afraid of this?

After several uplifting and encouraging conversations with friends and family, here goes. I finally hit the buttons and cemented the commitment. I should be jumping for joy!

So why are my legs shaking?!?


  1. You are da bomb, Deborah! Definitely da bomb in my book! That is a positive comment, by the way, in case you never see American Idol, which you probably don't watch.

    This site is really amazing! I so enjoyed reading about the pioneers and your trek with the contemporary pioneers and the things you got from it. I loved your poetry!!! Right on, Deborah, right on!!!

  2. I am glad you took this plunge. I just discovered your blog after finding the snowflake CAL on Crochetville. I am inspired by your posts- my grown son is an aspiring photographer, my husband and I love to ride our bikes together (strictly at my own casual snail pace though- and no mountains, please!), and I have loved thread crochet since learning how when I was about 10 years old back in 1976. Your blog posts just seem to hit many harmonious chords within my own life tune that I somehow feel we are related even though we have not met! much love and many blessings Deborah!


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