30 July 2009

Beary Awesome!

Before the Trek, I ordered fabric (my trademark lime green, of course) for a dress, foolishly believing I would have time to design and make something fancy and summery to wear to work as soon as I got back. The fabric arrived while I was gone, and when I got home, I excitedly prewashed washed it BEFORE the sweaty, stinky, mud-crusted Trek load.

Thank heavens! The washing machine quit during the foul-smelling load. Took us two days to get the thing running again, so the basement now offers Trek memories in a very scents-ual way.

That gorgeous, irresistible lime green fabric now rests upon my sewing table, calling out to me while I slave and labor processing and uploading Trek photos , now that we’ve combined the sewing and computer rooms while we diligently search for time to pull up the carpet in the spare bedrooms and replace it with hardwood floors.

I am slowly beginning to realize it will be fall or possibly even winter before that lime green dress begins to take shape, and I’m yearning to sew, quilt, crochet... anything but toil on the computer 8 or 9 hours a day at work and then another 5 or 6 hours each night when I get home.

So I thought I’d fulfill my creative yearnings by sharing a project I made a couple of months ago when trying to figure out what to do with all the shopping bags I saved up for our move.

You’ll notice even my basil planter in the background is recycled. Vitamin containers make great spice and herb homes, and I just adore the color! Yet I would not complain if the manufacturers decided to do a flavor in a lime green box...

No, there is no bear pattern. Yet. I make up my bears and squirrels and lizards and mice and bunnies as I go. I do plan to write some instructions one day, but that’s pretty low on the priority list right now. So I will share a few links to get you started if you would like to try to reuse, repurpose or recycle those shopping bags, too.

First, how do you make plarn? There are several methods, but this is the most popular technique:
Plarn Instructions 1
Plarn Instructions 2
Plarn Video

And now, for some great patterns:
Free Bear Pattern
Another Free Bear Pattern
Yet Another Free Bear Pattern

Here is a plethora of free crochet bear patterns.

All kinds of free crochet patterns:
Crochet Pattern Central
Free Crochet Patterns

Now see if this doesn’t inspire you.
Here you will find the tiniest bears (and other animals) ever.

One of my bosses told me earlier this week that if I don’t take a few moments for myself each day, I am going to burn out. So this is my ten minutes for today. I hope you have enjoyed them!

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