27 December 2018

Back to the Grind

How does Grandma force her way back to the sewing machine after three full months of day job overtime, not near enough sleep, and not much else???

Wear the Christmas sweatshirt she made with granddaughter's mommy when mommy was still single digits in age. We don't know what ever became of the kid sweatshirts we made back in about 1996ish, but Grandma still has and wears hers every December.

Grandbaby LOVED the shirt, especially the reindeer button, so Grandma powered through an applique session in a single afternoon following a tedious game of hide and seek with tiny stash Christmas ornaments small enough to be included on a three-year-old's shirt!

Grandma couldn't find plain, un-cartooned kid sweatshirts in any of the local stores, so she had to settle for a long-sleeved T-shirt. Most of the ornaments in her stash are not washable, so Grandma attached them with safety pins so mommy can remove the decorations for washing. A stern warning about keeping the removal and redecorating process secret until grandbaby gets a bit bigger was delivered before said package was sent.

The shirt was mailed the following day. Included was a snowflake ring (a topping from a cake at work last year) Grandma has been saving for grandbaby.

Three days later, Grandma got photos and a movie of grandbaby with her new shirt!

Grandma has since ordered an assortment of Christmas buttons... washable!!! Christmas sweatshirts (to be ordered in advance) may make the perfect gift for the rest of the grandkids next December!!!

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  1. Grandma sure made her one happy little camper!

    1. Yes, indeed, Pat! It was so fun to see her reaction! I wish she lived closer!

  2. Loe it! It's the best, sewing for grandkids!!

    1. Thank you, Karen! I hope I have time to sew 16 more for all the grandkids in 2019...

  3. And by next December, said grandbaby will need a bigger shirt too! It is too cute!

    1. Yes, indeed, GrammaJudyB! She's already outgrowing it! How on earth do they grow so fast?!?


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