16 March 2017

Ocean Hexies

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Eighteen months ago, we traveled to California to visit my parents. We took a daylong tour along the southern coast to get our biennial ocean fix. I shot about 800 photos. We had a blast.

A little more than a year earlier, I had used a manipulated photo of lightning to create hexagon fabric on Spoonflower. Back then, I didn't know how to do repeats when the image edge was not smooth and even. My lack of skill didn't stop me from using that first hexagon fabric in a dress I still wear today. I had to crop and cut creatively, but the dress turned out great!

About four months later, I had the chance to access the internet via a free wifi location (back when I still had AWFUL and next-to-no internet at home), I watched a few YouTube tutorials on creating repeats... making designs with uneven edges printable on fabric without the telling lines between design starts and stops. I also studied some Photoshop tutorials on different websites in an effort to learn how to make the process work with a variant of Photoshop five versions back.

I quickly went to work recreating my hexagon artwork with no seams. One of the variations I uploaded to Spoonflower has gone on to become one of my most popular fabric designs, and now all my new Spoonflower designs are fashioned to repeat seamlessly. Tutorial time well spent!

I then used my newfound talent to create yet another seamless Spoonflower design. I ordered a fat quarter, which is required in order to sell the design. I've yet to craft that fat quarter into something useful. After all this time, I do have plans for it now. I just need to sit down and do it. This particular hexagon design incorporates "snowflakes" from 102 different manipulated photos. "Hexie Patchwork" went on to become quite popular on Spoonflower, too.

This design even shows up in one of Spoonflower's latest offerings, roostery. I wasn't sure if that meant someone used my design for a roostery item. I simply cannot imagine a chair with such an... um... outspoken design!!!

Just a little wild, don't you think???

This chair's a bit easier on the eyes, but still kind of bright, in my opinion.

I wondered why some of my designs show up on roostery while others do not. Apparently a shopper has to pull up one of my designs in order to initially generate the image. Which means someone has been looking at my designs on roostery! How cool!

Here's the design I would pick. But I would make my own pillow and placemats.

Spoonflower began running weekly design challenges seven years ago. I've looked at a few of them, and nothing really inspired me until the geometric theme hit this month. Hexagons are right up my alley! I dream in sixes!

I went right to work on a new hexagon design, this time, created from the ocean wave photo above I shot back in California 18 months ago.

Last week, I submitted my very first Spoonflower challenge entry, after ordering a yard of the design in cotton Spandex. Guess what I'm making for the first time in at least 30 years!

My newest fabric design should arrive today, and I expect the Stretch and Sew pattern to arrive by week's end!

Meanwhile, voting on the hexagon challenge will commence on March 23. I will post a reminder, just in case you'd like to vote. I expect there will be some cool designs, and not just because I'm partial to hexagons.

Of course, I had to play a little more in Photoshop to create some different color combinations for my newest design. Just because. It will be a while before I can order more Spoonflower fabric. I've spent the budgeted amount already. Mostly, I need to use up what I've already got. Fortunately, that can be a fun process.

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  1. That is neat, the bright chair I'd use just for fun as maybe it would blind people and they'd never come over haha

    1. I definitely think it could literally blind people, Pat!

  2. I love both hexi chairs. Your designs are wonderful! The ocean picture is a treat for the eyes. And what you've done with it is amazing.

    1. Thank you, Shelia! This whole thing has inspired another idea. I may try working up yet one more Ocean Hexie design as soon as my mouse elbow goes away...


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