03 November 2015

Boreas Pass

We planned a late autumn cycling trip up Boreas Pass from the Breckenridge side long before we knew our trip would coincide with what may have ended up being the final thunderstorm of the season. The highest peaks got snow that chilly day!

We didn't get too far that day, but when you're pedaling above 10,000 feet and going up, who cares? Just take in the views and enjoy the ride!

We absolutely could not believe when we found a stand of aspens with leaves still attached.

And then... GREEN leaves!!! Oh, my!

The miracles didn't stop there. I soon found a single still-living daisy!!!

Touches of flaming red here and there, too.

Soon it was time to head quickly back to the safety of the car.

The views had been so incredible, and the ride was so much fun, we decided to try again the following weekend. The first big snowstorm of the season had come and gone a couple of days before, and we thought most of the snow might have melted. We were wrong.

What a difference a week makes!

A few leaves had hung on.

Most of the leaves had found an icy resting spot.

The descent was oh, so cold!!!

Heading back home through Breckenridge, we stopped for well-earned hot chocolate. And found daisies where the snow had melted!

What better way to end a chilly, muddy, wet ride than a grilled chicken avocado sandwich on a whole grain bun with rosemary-tainted sweet potato fries! The Lizard got my bacon, and I got his tomatoes. Fair trade!!!


  1. Bah, it's snow lol when that high up you sure have quite the view. A week sure can make quite the difference indeed

  2. Excellent photos! Those were two fine weekends to close out cycling in the upper elevations. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... bacon!

  3. Fantastic pictures! Green leaves, too?

  4. Treasures of Autumn. What a transformation after the snow! It's such a thrill to see flowers this late in the year, isn't it?

    Gorgeous photos as always. :)


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