26 April 2013

Female Friday Funny

More links to make your eyes roll. I couldn't resist. I'm so sorry!

Now, that is strangely resourceful...

This just had to follow the above.

Now this is just getting crazy...


Who knew?

Tetris for Tampons

Yes, people are making wreaths with them, too.

I really didn't intend for this to be a theme. It just sort of happened.

This one's really cute.


You know I'm no Twilight fan, right?

No way!!!

Oh, no!

Say it ain't so...




  1. LOL yeah I'd never play chess with those hahaha some people have to much time on their hands

  2. Okay - the Knitting Nancy is sheer genius. And I rather like some of the slogans on the little purses.

    P.S. How ironic now do the contents of this morning's email seem. I swear I hadn't looked at your blog yet....

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog. Boy am I sure glad I made the effort! That was hysterical!

  4. OMG! Please do NOT knit a sweater like that last one. Although I suppose someone *could* think those were say, hot dogs? Firecrackers. Dy-no-mite?


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