08 January 2013

Stash Surprises

The Spider

A recent thread in Ravelry asked how needleworkers hide newly acquired additions to stash from their significant others.

One person responded with my first thought: Hide only presents to the significant other, and if you have to hide anything other than that from the significant other, what kind of relationship is that?

My second thought was gratitude for a magnificent spouse who doesn't mind if I have more yarn than food. Or more fabric than time. Or more thread than I can possibly use in one lifetime. Or enough hooks and needles to build a storage facility.

He wants me to be happy. That alone makes me happy!

However, stash is becoming a bit of a problem, and I'm not liking what I'm going to have to do about it.

Last year, I donated three big plastic bags of stash to charity. Yet still I don't have enough protective bins to house what's left. And no room in my budget or our house for more bins. As a result, some less-treasured stash remains in plastic bags.

Following our second snowstorm of the month in December, I decided to get rid of some of the acrylic stash by using it to fashion legwarmers, a much-needed fashion accessory in cold weather along the Rocky Mountains.

As I was working with one heavenly shade of lavender, I was shocked to find the equivalent of weevil skeletons. In acrylic yarn!!! They eat that stuff?!? No way!

Then I got to the minty green. Mmmmm, love that color, regardless the fiber! Until... out crawled a carpet beetle. In acrylic yarn!!! Well, I guess carpet is synthetic, too, and they apparently eat that. But we are talking gross now. Absolute yuck. I mean, he was still alive!!! And crawling up the yarn to meet me! Probably to demand why in the world I would disturb his warm winter sleep.

So, what do you do when you find bugs or bug remnants in your stash?!?

Mrs. Resource shares some of the most helpful hints I've been able to find for using temperatures and natural herbs as repellents.

My stash is located in the basement, where the temperature is never really warm but particularly cold in winter. My indoor year-round garden is filled with rosemary, thyme, mints, lavender and sage. So why do I have bugs?!? Because they are hiding out in my yarn, safe and warm from the cold and all the natural repellents everywhere else in the house!

fit for church


  1. Gosh, I've often wondered if the stash could become a buggy haven. Thanks for the warning! I'm heading off to the link to check that out.

    LOVE the legwarmers and the lavender slippers! :)

    (and the purple robe too)

    1. Fair warning, Sue... I'm not so sure my heavenly herbs prevent bugs at all!!! But I still love having them. The plants, not the bugs...

      (The purple "robe" was the very warm flannel dress I got to wear to church the Sunday before Christmas because I didn't have my Christmas skirt finished in time, darn it.)

  2. Well, now. Obviously you need a chicken in your basement. :) And really. You can crochet a spider but you can't crochet a goat? What's up with that?

    1. A chicken?!? That might be as messy as bugs!!! :)

      And you just aren't going to let up until I make a goat, are you?!?

  3. Sigh, yet another thing to add to my list of potential horrors caused by having too much yarn. And until I read Marigold's comment, I was totally unaware of the fringe benefits of owning chickens.

    1. That made me laugh, Marie! Who would ever have thought having a stash could ever be bad?!?


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