26 November 2012

Snowflake Monday

I've moved into my new space at work, but I'm still sorting through (and living out of) boxes and boxes and boxes. Our shelving and cabinets are late and won't be installed for a couple more weeks, so boxes are everywhere.

In addition, I've spent all 18.5 years of my career with my employer working with two of three departments. As of last week, a short and holiday week, which provided a tiny bit of emotional rubber bumper for me (think pinball spontaneously pinging around huge spaces with sharp corners aimlessly), my small work group is now nestled in the third department. I'm going to be learning a whole new set of skills for the next few weeks. Or months. Maybe even years.

My own job has not changed, but helping my new co-workers as part of a team is like going back to school after many years of summer break. I welcome the opportunity to learn and expand my horizon, but I expect I may not be as focused on some of the fun stuff. I expect to be an earnestly attentive team player for a while as I learn the ropes. (I try to be proficient in my job every day, but it's been too many decades since I've had to master new job responsibilities! Can this old dog learn new tricks?!?)

This ordeal is not one-sided. I'm the only one on my floor who does what I do. My new team will have to learn my job just as I have to learn theirs.

So, once again I find myself dipping into my Cold Storage of snowflake patterns. Now I have 26 unpublished designs remaining.

This snowflake was inspired by my very own blue and white hand-dyed thread the first time I used professional dyes.

You may do whatever you'd like with snowflakes you make from this pattern, but you may not sell or republish the pattern. Thanks, and enjoy!

Finished Size: 4.5 inches from point to point
Materials: Size 10 crochet thread, size 8 crochet hook, empty pizza box, wax paper or plastic wrap, cellophane tape, water soluble school glue or desired stiffener, water, glitter, small container for glue/water mixture, paintbrush, stick pins that won't be used later for sewing, clear thread or fishing line

Cold Storage II Snowflake Instructions

Make magic ring.

Round 1: 12 sc in ring; sl st in starting sc. Pull magic circle tight, but leave opening big enough to allow stitches inside it to lay flat.

Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 1 dc in same sc as sl st, * sk next sc, 2 dc in next sc, ch 3, 2 dc in same sc; repeat from * around 4 times; sk next sc, 2 dc in same sc as starting dc; ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch of starting ch 3.
If you're not reading this pattern on Snowcatcher, you're not reading the designer's blog. Please go here to see the original.

Round 3: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc), *9 dc in next ch 3 sp; repeat from * around 4 times; 8 dc in next ch 3 sp; sl st in 2nd ch of starting ch 2.

Round 4: Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc and ch 2), * 2 dc in 5th dc of next 9/dc group, ch 3, 2 dc in same st, ch 2, 1 dc in next gap between 9/dc groups; ch 2; repeat from * around 5 times, omitting last dc and ch 2 of final repeat; sl st in 2nd ch of starting ch 4.

Round 5: 1 sc tightly in same ch as sl st, * ch 2, 9 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 2, sk next 2 dc, 1 sc tightly in next dc; repeat from * around 5 times, omitting last sc of final repeat; sl st in starting sc.

Round 6: * Ch 7, 1 sc in 5th dc of next 9/dc group, ch 6, 1 sc in same st, ch 7, sl st in next sc; repeat from * around 5 times, ending with sl st in same sc as sl st ending Round 5; bind off. Weave in ends.
NOTE: When working up a new white version of this snowflake 11 years later (while simultaneously preparing to move from one office building to another at work AGAIN!!!), I used ch 10 tips instead of ch 6 tips, and I really like the new variation!

Finish: Tape wax paper or plastic wrap to top of empty pizza box. Pin snowflake to box on top of wax paper or plastic wrap.

If using glue, mix a few drops of water with a teaspoon of glue in small washable container. Paint snowflake with glue mixture or desired stiffener. Sprinkle lightly with glitter. Wash paintbrush and container thoroughly. Allow snowflake to dry at least 24 hours. Remove pins. Gently peel snowflake from wax paper or plastic wrap. Attach 10-inch clear thread to one spoke, weaving in end. Wrap fishing line around tree branch (or tape to ceiling or any overhead surface) and watch the snowflake twirl freely whenever you walk by! Snowflake also may be taped to window or tied to doorknob or cabinet handle.


  1. I cannot imagine you doing anything but your best so I can bet this is super stressful for you right now! Just make a promise to us that you won't stop this blog! Even downsize the snowflakes for awhile if need be but don't stop creating! I (we) love them and make Monday mornings worth getting up for! Of course, today was cyber Monday so got a couple good deals first but you were my second stop! I love today's snowflake, as usual!! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Brenda, you made me laugh so hard, I nearly popped my new stitches out!!! (Minor procedure this morning; back to work tomorrow...) Thanks for spreading smiles yet again!

  2. This is another beauty, Snowcatcher! Hope you have a good work week at your new location!

    1. Thanks, CameraGirl! I hope this week goes smoothly, too. I'm about ready for smooth and complete absence of stress!

  3. Cold Storage is the perfect name! I love a good pun.

    No, you're not too old to learn new tricks. In fact, now is the time to stave off Alzheimer's by giving your brain new challenges! I do hope your transition will be smooth, and that all the mutual job-learning goes well. I predict that you will soon be the backbone of your new department (and a fully-functional one at that). :)

    1. You know what, Sue? I had not thought of the Alzheimer's bennies!!! Okay, bring it on! Teach me all about electronic filings and dockets!!! :)

  4. Another pretty one! I have done around 100 of your snowflakes this month for other people and I am having a blast! Still around 30 to go!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Holy moly!!! 100 this month??? You've got me topped by at least a couple dozen!!!

    2. Being differently-abled, I have lots of time to be crafty!


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