29 June 2012

Kick the heck out of MS

UK shoppers were treated to a surprise performance when more than 35 traditional Korean martial arts students emerged from the crowd to take part in an MS Fightback Flashmob to mark MS Week 2012 and honor 100,000 people living with multiple sclerosis in the UK.

The heart-rending excerpt by Elizabeth Damewood Gaucher published here leaves me wanting to read the entire account. I want to know if there is a happy ending.

The Lizard and I will be riding 150 miles this weekend in support and honor of those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Please join us in the fight. May a cure be found. Soon.


  1. Can there be a happy ending? What an unimaginably tough situation to be in.

    Thank you both for supporting the search for that happy ending. Good luck with the ride and stay safe!

  2. A classmate has had MS for 20 years. Hope they can find a cure soon. Just stopped by to say hello. I don't always comment but enjoy your posts. Stay Cool!


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