02 November 2010

Neither Wind, Nor Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow...

The Lizard happily pedals up Coal Bank Pass in the snow.  Happily being the key word.
We've experienced a joyously gorgeous autumn this year, with many, many opportunities to ride. Following a half-century on the final weekend of October, The Lizard computed his miles for the year and found he needed only 52.4 more miles to achieve his 2010 goal.

The Lizard near North Twin ConeSo he got back on the bike and did another half century (plus some) to log 4,000 miles in just 10 months. What a GREAT year for him!!!

His enthusiasm got me buzzing with excitement. I've been keeping track of my miles every day, but I had not summed up the total for this year. I was pretty sure I'd already reached my goal of 3,000 miles, too.

Sadly, I am 109 miles short.

The Lizard near Schofield PassYes, there are two more months, and if the weather holds, I may still be able to pull it off. But my weekends are not mine for the next six weeks or so. That measly 109 miles could be as much of a challenge as any of the bigger rides I've done this year.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...

On the bright side, I've walked 325 miles so far this year. And my shoes show it!

my 2010 miles


  1. Impressive mileages for biking and walking! I need some inspiration to do the walking. Keep talking, maybe I'll catch on.

  2. I know you can, I know you can, I know you can...

    I wonder if the Lizard was still smiling on the way downhill. Going downhill is SO cold and eye-stinging in the snow.

    I love the reminders of flowers and yellow leaves!

  3. That is awesome that you're so close to your goal. =] Good luck finishing it!

  4. Wow! Fantastic goals and achievements.

  5. Your words and photos are an inspiration to me! I have a few disabilities that keep me from normal exercise. but your attitude pushes me to do ones that keep strong the muscles I can, esp now that I am working hard to avoid more spinal surgery. BTW, be sure to check out my WW post... you were a Winning Wizard last week! so get ready to see your blog name in lights ;) (or as close to it as I can get) ~hugs~ Faythe @GMT

  6. You make me feel like the biggest lump. Now get on that bike and ride up and down the street. I know you can reach your goal before you're snowed in! Congrats to Lizard!

  7. Holy hell, Deb. Okay, now you just gotta find those biking miles laying around somewhere. You know you wanna do it. Hey, you're the one who inspired me to make a run at the 1,000 mile/month. (I haven't made it yet, but when I do- you'll be the first one to know.)

  8. Wow! Amazing! Again, you are amazing! I love that first shot!

  9. Wow, with all that mileage, it's time for an oilchange! :)



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