30 August 2019

Friday Funny

Auto correct pulls some strange moves. This one has to be one of the funniest ever.

Not using spellcheck causes some raging whoppers, too. Who hasn't done this one at least once??? (I'm shyly raising my hand in the back of the room, and what's worse, I did it in a newspaper. WAY before spellcheck. And my editor missed it, too.)

My best worst newspaper typo, however, announced Lenten lunches available for a nominal feel. (Also WAY before spellcheck, and my editor missed that one, too.)

I'm glad I never made these typos!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Here are a few more classics.

Too funny!

I don't eat beef, but man, would this scare me away from burgers!!!



  1. lol the burger one sure would scare me too. Cannibal land. Oh how things can be taken.

  2. Yikes is the word! Some of these give me the chills. It could so easily happen to any of us.


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