26 June 2017

Snowflake Monday

I thought by giving readers two weeks to craft lid or button snowflakes, I'd be giving them enough time to save a few extra lids as well as giving myself time to unpack and unwind from Ride the Rockies. Apparently, though, two weeks is too long... Only two people entered the contest, but, oh, my, what stunning snowflakes they submitted!

Diane's #reflake2017june #recycledlids #buttoncraft

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First up, we have Diane's button and crochet motif snowflakes. Diane is co-moderator of the Sisters of the Snowflake group, which is free and open to anyone infatuated with snowflakes. Diane said she didn't have any lids, and she upped the ante by crocheting a few medallions to spruce up her pretty snowflakes. I really like the swirly one! What about you?

Diane wins some hand-dyed crochet thread or yarn, her choice.

My almost-8-year-old neighbor wanted to enter the recycled lids snowflake contest! #reflake2017june #recycledlids

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Next up is my no-longer seven-year-old neighbor. She has a standing date with me every week after work (if I can get off in time) to work on her ticker tape quilt. I've been teaching her to piece and quilt for a little more than a year now, and last week she decided to play with bottle caps instead, informing me that she is "very creative." I have to agree!

She was drawn to the black, blue and clear lids, and she was really into three-dimensional flakes. I think her rainbow flake is a winner, don't you?

Keira wins a much-coveted Eiffel Tower quilt panel because she's "always loved Paris my whole life!" and because her birthday was a couple of days later.

The nerve in my crochet arm will be tested tomorrow, so I expect to know what the future will hold by next Monday, but I don't expect to be crocheting at full strength by then. But don't worry; I have a few more non-crochet snowflake ideas up my sleeve. (With perhaps another contest to boot!) I leave you with my patriotic lid flake in honor of the upcoming holiday...

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  1. Her rainbow one is sure a winner indeed. Both sure are very creative.


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