27 August 2016

Friday Funny

Let's try this again... (The original linked video apparently had been deleted yesterday, and there wasn't a blasted thing I could do about it on my phone.)

My friend Wanda sent me a link to this video. She remembered the day I was riding home from work after both my kids had taken permanent unauthorized field trips. (They ran away.) I encountered a pair of baby skunks on the bike path, and they were as mesmerized by my shoes and bicycle tires as these little characters. I snapped a photo of the twins and emailed it to all my family and friends, saying my two "li'l stinkers" had come out to meet me on the bike path, just like old times. My mom thought my kids really had come home!

Still makes me laugh, to this very day!

When Wanda sent me the link to this video, she wrote, "I remember your Scratch and Sniff!"

Oh, did she ever make me laugh!


  1. Imagine if they all sprayed, blah. Captured them as the frolicked along though.

  2. Replies
    1. Dang! Try looking on Facebook, Sue. The copy there might be the original photographer. It is worth looking up.


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